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Keeping Carriers Competitive

In an increasingly competitive market, carriers are tasked with minimizing costs and driving revenue, all while keeping customers happy. Our solutions are designed to do just that, through a customizable offering that covers every stage of the cell phone, device and tablet lifecycle. We believe 5 important elements of our business are what make us so different:

Keeping devices protected

Reduce churn and unlock a steady revenue stream with our flexible device protection programs, backed by around-the-clock customer support.

Program Customization

Programs Tailored to Fit Your Unique Requirements Maximize Value for You and Your Subscribers

Through our flexible service offerings, carriers can customize the subscriber’s phone replacement experience from start to finish. Over-the-counter or direct mail; monthly or annual billing; on your invoice or ours — we give you the option to mix and match the perfect program to meet your needs.

Turnkey Integration

Easy Integration with Your Existing Infrastructure Provides Complete Program Transparency

Our HITS platform integrates easily with existing billing and POS systems to streamline enrollment, claim and fulfillment processes. The result is an automated, real-time infrastructure that provides complete program transparency and around the clock customer support.

Fast Claims Fulfillment

Industry Leading Fulfillment Gets Replacements into the Hands of Your Customers Faster Than Anyone Else

The combination of our state-of-the-art fulfillment center, extended call center hours, and partnership with UPS has resulted in the industry’s leading claim deadline and a new standard in turnaround period. Thanks to our reduced transit time and strategic operations, subscribers in the U.S. can file a claim as late as Midnight ET and receive their replacement device as soon as 10:00 AM ET the next day. (Deadlines may vary by program.)

Full Marketing and Field Support

Hands-On Field Support Boosts Program Performance and Ensures an Exceptional Customer Experience

We understand that your sales associates are the heart, hands and voice of the program in the eyes of your customers. That’s why we provide a highly dedicated team of seasoned professionals to help boost performance, generate business growth and reduce customer churn.

Comprehensive Compliance

Seasoned Staff of Lawyers Focus on All Legal and Compliance Requirements So You Don't Have To

With an in-house team devoted to all legal insurance and warranty matters, we minimize your need for compliance dedicated resources, ultimately enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. In addition to monitoring territorial laws and legislative developments, our staff facilitates issuance of program terms and conditions as well as any interaction with regulatory bodies.