How to Protect Your Phone from the Snow

As snow and ice blanket the nation each winter, many people have learned it's easy to drop your cell phone while shoveling show, avoiding icy sidewalks, or even getting out of your car. Brightstar Device Protection, a leading cell phone insurance provider, offers a few tips to potentially save your mobile device, should it get wet from snow.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Power down the phone immediately.
  • In a dry location, remove the battery. Do not attempt to turn on the phone or charge it while the battery or phone is wet.
  • Allow the phone to dry, preferably by a fan, for 24 hours.
  • Get a new battery, if possible, to avoid future corrosion issues

Keep in mind that any exposure to moisture or liquid voids the phone manufacturer's warranty. If these tips prove to be unsuccessful in reviving the damaged device, be honest with your wireless carrier or manufacturer. Otherwise, you might be surprised by hefty penalties after they figure out what happened when they open up the phone.

Fortunately, many wireless carriers offer protection programs that cover accidental water damage, allowing you to get a replacement phone if you accidentally drop your phone in the snow and it gets liquid damage.

Ask your wireless retailer or service provider what insurance options are available. You may be allowed to enroll in the protection program, even if the phone isn't brand new. While inclement weather and extreme conditions always pose a threat to phones, a complete insurance program helps wireless subscribers protect their devices all year.