Bright Care is a fully-managed device protection program that offers strong margins and provides competitive plans to benefit you and your customers.

Benefits for customers

  • Accidental damage protection – Bright Care Plus also includes extended warranty
  • Affordable plan choices
  • 24/7 online service
  • Simple service request process
  • Flexible repair options
  • Single point of contact for service requests

Value for retailers

  • Fully managed program handling service requests, collection and device repair
  • Low-risk, recurring revenue source
  • No system integration or capital upfront
  • Comprehensive, web-based training to help maximize sales
  • Regularly updated legal and compliance framework
  • Optimal customer experience that increases loyalty
  • Program developed specifically for independent dealers and retailers

How it works

Enrollment Process

  • Customer purchases new device
  • Customer adds device protection
  • Sales associate enrolls customer via the Bright Store, our online enrollment portal
  • Customer provides enrollment information and credit card
  • Customer leaves happy and protected

Service Request process

  • Customer suffers phone damage or malfunction
  • Customer goes online or calls Brightstar to file and complete a service request, including payment of processing fee
  • Brightstar provides repair options, based on device, damage and location
  • Customer brings in or mails device to repair center
  • Device is repaired
  • Customer is re-connected and happy

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