Launched in 2013 to recognize, honor, and celebrate our exceptional partners, the Salute to Excellence awards shine a spotlight on the individuals and organizations that go the extra mile and achieve outstanding success with Brightstar Device Protection. The following criteria are used to determine the winners in the Top Awards and Honorable Performance Awards.


Top Awards

These awards reflect the highest level of achievement among Brightstar Device Protection partners in a particular area of performance.

Recognizing the best of the best, this award takes into consideration the best overall results, program performance, and operational excellence.

This award goes to the carrier with the most innovative marketing program: either one of your own or one that has leveraged Brightstar Device Protection’s materials to boost take rates.

Honorable Performance Awards

These awards take into account outstanding levels of performance, recognizing that when different areas work together, the result is success overall.

This honorable performance award recognizes high take rates, marketing commitment, and operational mastery. From effective use of the model matrix to innovative marketing practices, these are our top 20% performing partners.

This award is dedicated to the recognition of our top performers. These talented individuals and stores lead the way in take rates through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.